Undergraduate Degrees

With a closely connected, vibrant, and diverse community of 8,000+ students and staff, the University of Gloucestershire provides an awesome atmosphere to understand their personal direction as well as collaborate with other students to attain their goals. The university gives individuals the freedom to push and express themselves. This university takes pride about caring for the future of the plant as well as its students. Also, the lecturers, together with a range of devoted service team of professionals take time to know their students, offering them guidance and help. Thanks to this collective effort as well as small sized classes ensures that the students will not just fit in at the University, but also receive the support they require to thrive. Although this university offers various types of undergraduate degrees, it is famous for its maths and science courses. Initially the annual fees of £14,680 and £9,250 per year for an undergraduate degree for international and national students might seem a bit high, full-time UK undergraduates can avail of a wide range of financial support packages offered by the university.

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Other advantages

The university offers scholarship of £1,200 to applicants who achieve 128 or more UCAS Tariff points. Spread over a period of three years, this scholarship is a boon for worthy students. The university also offers accommodation waiver to eligible students. Eligible students from low-income households can avail of the waiver that offers a discount of £1,000 on the rent on Halls of Residence. Only qualified students evaluated by a Student Finance Authority can avail of this accommodation waiver. Students facing unanticipated financial hardship one the term has started can avail of the financial assistance fund. Gloucestershire University is the best for individuals who want to take up teaching science or maths. There are different entry requirements depending on the course. For an undergraduate honours degree in 2020/21, the requirement is within the range of 96 to 136 UCAS Tariff Points. Students who have successfully completed their undergraduate degree from this university stand a better chance of getting a job placement compared to those who have studied in other universities. Maths and science apart, Gloucestershire University also offers more than 100 academic programs in diverse subjects, which includes:

• Business

• Art and Design

• Environment, Construction, and Architecture

• Social Care and Health

• Events and Hospitality

• Education

• Engineering and Computing

• Social and natural Sciences

• Exercise and Sports

• Performing Arts

• Music and Media

• Marketing

• Law

• Humanities

The university received a silver rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework, 2017.